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素材 ポリエステル65% コットン35

着丈 79cm
身幅 63cm
袖丈 27cm
肩幅 55cm


着用モデル 164cm

※ こちらの製品は特性上雨や汗による水漏れ、摩擦が加わると色移り、色落ちする可能性がございますので十分ご注意の上ご使用下さいませ。


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Material 65% polyester cotton 35

Length 79cm
Width 63 cm
Sleeve length 27cm
Shoulder width 55 cm
(There is some error)

5.6 ounces

Wearing model 164 cm

* Due to the characteristics of this product, water leakage due to rain or sweat, or if friction is applied, the color may transfer or fade, so please be careful when using this product.

Please avoid soaking and washing for a long time.

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¥9,300 tax included